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What can a Rochester Plumbing Service Do for Your Kitchen and Bathroom?

Kitchen Remodeling with a Rochester Plumber:

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Need a Rochester plumbing service to help renovate the kitchen? Be sure to invest in high quality plumbing, using the best materials to save headaches down the line. Of course you are probably excited about that new garbage disposal or dishwasher, but the hidden plumbing systems are even more important in upgrading your quality of life long-term.   You or your plumber should first complete an inspection, everything behind the walls or under the floors, even verifying the concrete foundation will support your kitchen renovation. It is critical to repair any issues behind the scenes before getting to the fun, esthetic change to your home.   Garbage disposals will upgrade your quality of life significantly. If you have an old garbage disposal, it may be worth replacing it in combination with your kitchen redesign. There are energy efficient models that will help save you money in the long-run.   The next top item for a remodel is likely a dishwasher. There are constant esthetic updates and energy efficient models being brought to market. You likely use more energy with your dishwasher than you do even with your refrigerator. Plus, a new dishwasher will offer more features to make your life easier.   Inexpensive finishing touches are key to any kitchen remodel. Consider new plumbing fixtures like faucets and handles, sprayers, drains, and shutoff valves. Your remodel will only last as long as the quality of these items, so confidently purchase high quality materials that will retain their metal finish. If you need suggestions, reach out to our team.   You’re probably renovating your countertops during your kitchen remodel. Consider adding another sink to the kitchen. Imagine a custom second sink on the island or buffet. Two sinks is better than one in our opinion. You can have a prep and a clean up sink! Of course, this is optional, but a worthwhile consideration in the design process.   We are here to provide top-notch Rochester plumbing service for your remodeling needs.