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Osmosis may bring up bad memories from high school science class, but I bet you want filtered water for you and your family. Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that can be installed in your home. It is even pretty cool to learn about how it works, and why it is so effective in filtering impurities. Of course, if you know you want this system, click here to contact our Rochester plumbers today.


Reverse Osmosis: How it Works

To understand osmosis, we must first understand what a solution is. Simple! A solution is basically any liquid with some dissolved compounds. Think taking a glass of pure water, then dissolving table salt to make a salt water rinse. That salt water rinse is indeed, a solution! The salt molecules dissolve and are no longer seen at the bottom of the glass, forming a solution. More dissolved salt equals a more concentrated solution. We reviewed properties of solutions in a bit more detail over in our section regarding water heaters, due to the use of salt.


So how about reverse osmosis (see this wikipedia link for the extremely in-depth, chemistry-based terms for explanation)? Let’s begin with a thought experiment. Imagine one salt water solution. Now, you place a membrane that allows water to pass through it. At this moment, both sides of the membrane have equal concentrations of salt. But, you choose to add more salt to the right side. Now, the right side has higher concentration than the left. In this situation, water “desires” to dilute the right side such that the left and right side have equal concentrations. So, water moves across the membrane to the right side until both sides are equal in concentration.


This is a simplified view of osmosis, and it’s all we need to know. Because reverse osmosis takes advantage of this property of water and dissolved contents. In reverse osmosis, a device applies pressure to the side that the water is moving toward, thus pushing water back across a membrane that has no dissolved substances on the other side. Thus, water is being pushed away from all of the dissolved impurities, making filtered water.


And there you have it, a quick and easy explanation of reverse osmosis. It can obviously be explained in much greater detail, but to understand that it is a filtration system appropriate for your home, this is all you need to know. Contact us today to have a local Rochester plumber install a reverse osmosis system for you today. While you’re at it, take a look at other services Plumbers Rochester MN would be pleased to offer.