Drains and Sewer

Finding Plumbers in Rochester MN for your Drain and Sewer Needs


Drains and Sewer Overview:

To understand drains and sewer plumbing, we must understand water systems. There are many pipes making up the water system.

Water enters your house from what is called a “mains” water pipe. This pipe brings in clean water and connects to the home via a stopcock. You should know where your home’s stopcock is located, in case of emergency. You may need to turn off the water supply by twisting the stopcock, often located underneath the kitchen sink. Pipes connect the taps to your stopcock, giving you drinking water. The mains pipe may also supply the storage tank for all rooms, including bathrooms. In modern homes, the mains often directly connects to all taps in the home. Contrary to the mains supplying clean water to your home, pipes and drains also exist to take away waste within your water system. Obviously, this includes the toilet waste pipe and the pipes connecting to your sinks, baths, and showers. These may be termed “soil” pipes.

Ever smelled malodor emerging from a drain? Well, hopefully your home doesn’t have that issue, which would mean that you have a “stench pipe” (aka soil vent pipe). The stench pipe removes smelly gases from the drains in your home. Drains are pipes that carry waste away from your home, and connect to sewers downline. Sewers are collection points for the collective waste from the drains of many houses and buildings. Sewers are typically monitored by your water company.

When you need emergency problem solving for your drain or sewer issue, you need to find professional plumbers in Rochester MN. The right plumber will get the job done quickly and at an affordable price. Seek expert help today.