Radiant Heat Boilers

All About Boilers: Installation and More

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Not to be confused with water heaters, boilers are used to provide heat to your home’s living areas, not just warm water for showers. Natural gas is the fuel for boiler central heating systems. The gas is ignited to heat water contained within a copper pipe, which bends many times within the heating area to obtain the most efficient heating. The copper pipes are termed “heat exchangers.” The hot water then moves through the system via an electric pump, entering each radiator. The radiators are designed to transfer the water’s heat to the surrounding air. The water leaves each radiator a bit cooler than it entered, then moves on to the next radiator. To be reheated, the water must return to the boiler, which begins the process again. You can maintain the heat of the water through use of a thermostat, which maintains the steady temperature of choice. The boiler does produce waste gas products, which are vented out to keep your home safe.

Why Choose a Radiant Heat Boiler to Heat Your Home?


There are some obvious advantages to radiant heat boilers:

  • Radiant heat boilers are more energy efficient. This is due to the heavy reliance on water’s properties to heat the home. Air has insulating properties, and water has conductive properties. This translates to water being a much better medium to heat your home.
  • Boilers do not utilize duct work like forced air heating does. Ducts can often be leaky, losing up to 30% of heat. This makes them much less efficient than the closed piping system that comes with a radiant heating set up.
  • Radiant heating boilers lead to a more evenly heated home. Forced air systems tend to create hot and cold spots within a living space, making some areas uninhabitable and others more favorable.
  • Heat in its best location – the floor! Since heat rises, having a heating system located in the floor puts energy at it’s most advantageous position to heat the whole room. Nothing better than warm floors to keep your feet toasty in the Rochester winters.

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